3Mô Headlight Lens Restoration Kit (Professional Use), 02516

  • Part Number: 02516
  • UPC: 00051131025165
  • Stock Number: 60455048656
Professional headlight lens restoration system that includes sanding and polishing tools with abrasives and polishes. Restores headlight clarity in about 10-15 minutes.

Product Description

3Mô Headlight Lens Restoration

This system was designed for headlight restoration professionals.

  • Fast & easy way to headlamp lens clarity
  • Maximize productivity & performance
  • Increase profitability & customer satisfaction with headlamp lens restoration

Additional Product Information

3M Part Number 02516
UPC 00051131025165
Case Quantity 1 kit per case
Case Inner Pack 1 kit


Part #: 3M.2516

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Units: EACH
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