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#15171 Herkules Paint Gun Washer Maintenance Kit

Contains common parts to modify, repair or just basically tune-up your Herkules Paint Gun Washer

Save 25% over purchasing and shipping parts individually

Kit prevents downtime


11345 (1) Filter regulator
12491 (1) Filter for pump inlet
12509 (2) Air cap assembly
1001441 (1) Muffler for 338 pump
1002651 (2) E-rings
22GW (2) Trigger lock assembly
53A (4) Stem support male
53B (4) Stem support
54P1 (12) White fulljet nozzle
C9A (2) Nipple 1/8 NPT x 4-1/2 brass
M1C (1) Limit valve
M230-00 (1) Knob for mechanical time
M230-001A (1) Mechanical timer without knob
M5 (36 in) Blue tube 5/32
M5-black (36 in) Black tube 5/32

Part #: HK.15171

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Units: EACH
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