Waterborne Paint Gun Washers
Model G375

Herkules G375 is equipped with two industrial strength polyethylene tanks for cleaning up to 4 guns & 4 cups automatically in one minute. The paint technician may choose to designate both tanks for solvent cleaning or one tank for waterborne & one tank for solvent.

  • Cleans 2 guns / 2 cups automatically in one minute in each tank
  • Two industrial strength polyethylene tanks for setting up two cleaning methods
  • Each tank can be used exclusively for either solvent or waterborne
  • Flow-through brush with adjustable flow control in left tank for thorough cleaning
  • Cleans all types of spray guns
  • Built with corrosion resistant components
  • Enclosed tanks dramatically reduce dangerous VOCís
  • Automatic timer in both tanks
  • Safety lid shut-off switch in both tanks Ė pump will not operate while lid is open
  • Filter/regulator for both tanks
  • Fully automatic for thorough and efficient cleaning in both tanks
  • 100% air operated - 75 psi required

Part #: HK.G375

Price and Units

Units: EACH

Units: EACH
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